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Worldsize: 255 | Length: 628

[rwl] [cir] Lakeside Park

02.10.2011 14:45 XYY 2 v1.10

License information: You can use this track for contests You are not allowed to edit and redistribute this track! You are allowed redistribute this track if you keep the author�s credits

Lakeside Park (formerly known as Lakeside International Raceway) is a little clubsport track in Australia, near Brisbane. Lying adjacent to Lake Kurwongbah, it has a great atmosphere.
Opened in 1961, Lakeside was once known as Queensland's iconic Raceway. But as it was replaced by Queensland Raceway in the V8 Supercar/ATCC calendar, it was closed in 2001. 2008 the track was reopened as Lakeside park, but the current owners don't have ambitions to hold national meetings - they prefer Queensland Raceway.
This version shows the current state of the track, probably not in summer (because then the lake would be parched).

This track is a joint effort by Trigger Happy/Ivo Porc and XYY. Each made one half, TH did the upper part, XYY did the lower part.

(, 80.86 kb)

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