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Worldsize: 225 | Length: 827

[cir] [rwl] Rudskogen Motorsenter

11.10.2013 13:42 Trigger Happy 1 v1.2

License information: You can use this track for contests You are not allowed to edit and redistribute this track! You are allowed redistribute this track if you keep the author�s credits

Rudskogen Motorsenter is the oldest permanent track in Norway, it was opened in 1990, then redeveloped and extended in 2011 according design by H. Tilke with financial support of Norwegian government.

Track length: 3,254 km (2,022 mi)
Longest straight: 640 m (2100 ft)
Elevation difference: 42 m (138 ft)
Num. of turns: 14 (7 right, 7 left)

Major events: Rudskogen Motorfestival, Gatebil

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