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[cir] [rwl] Monza Historic

10.07.2014 19:36 Bouncebackability 1 v1.2

License information: You can use this track for contests You are not allowed to edit and redistribute this track! You are not allowed to redistribute this Track!

Based around the 1960's I present a few layouts of a Historic Monza, many may remember me posting a preview of the oval over the track technique I chose to use.

I have still yet to have two cars collide because of it, and I haven't hit the ends of the barriers either, so it doesnt seem to affect racing too much :ouch: Also the new objects came in very handy, such as the movable cone on the full track. For that reason, its a v1.2b track...

5 Layouts, full circuit (61), gp (67), Florio, Pirelli and Oval included.

(, 304.75 kb)

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