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Worldsize: 203 | Length: 548

[cir] [oth] Saunalenkki

19.04.2020 19:28 RaidMiner 0 v1.2

License information: You can use this track for contests You are not allowed to edit and redistribute this track! You are allowed redistribute this track if you keep the author�s credits

My first GeneRally creation for a rallycross course: shape up the skills to take gold from any races on this simple but fun course and then proceed to take a good ol' dip into a lake after taking a sauna.

Inspiration taken from the RX-part of Botniaring located in Jurva, Finland (mainly the track's layout; anything else is fictitious).

Track map was created with help from GIMP (track itself, run-offs, pit area, etc.): anything else was within editor itself.

AI works pretty much with any car, thou the GR/Rally/Yankee/Mini are recommended given the half tarmac half dirt layout.

Feedback is welcome ;7

(Saunalenkki.trk, 35.52 kb)

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