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Worldsize: 200 | Length: 554

[cir] [ral] RMFolkstr1

10.07.2020 20:21 RaidMiner 0 v1.2

License information: You can use this track for contests You are allowed to edit this track and redistribute it if you keep the author�s credits You are not allowed to redistribute this Track!

Here we go, another rally-cross style course with a more "folkracing" feel to it. Track layout itself has been borrowed from Alastaro Circuit (folkrace track being just north of the main circuit), however remaining parts like pit-area and other surrounding landscape are purely fictional.

This has been my first go for a possible folk-racing pack project, so from here on out I focus on purely own creations: I'm meanwhile, enjoy running general/yankee/mini/rallycar on this simple course.

Feedback/tips are welcome ;7

(RMFolkstr1.trk, 40.93 kb)

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