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Worldsize: 135 | Length: -not set-

[oth] [evo] Evotown

25.10.2020 18:30 TuomoH 0 v1.2

License information: You can use this track for contests You are not allowed to edit and redistribute this track! You are allowed redistribute this track if you keep the author�s credits

Lately, I’ve been bathing in nostalgia and have tested loads of old tracks. Because of this, I remembered how around the mid 00’s, evolution track packs were all the rage: first you build an old, simple track, and then add parts to it in the way a real track would evolve over time. As I had never tried this, I wanted to give it a shot but instead of becoming a traditional evolution track pack, my pack took turns that I couldn’t anticipate. That was fun!

I first made a nature scene and decided to try an offroad track before thinking about a tarmac track. However, this seemed like a good starting point for the evolution, so I started adding elements to it organically, saving every iteration. At the same time, this story evolved in my head – you can read it below. What started as an offroad track, gradually incorporated more tarmac, and finally I had a cool street course. For this pack, I’ve selected six tracks that show different stages of the evolution, and all of which feel different from each other.

Tracks 1-3 have been designed for the original Monstertruck, tracks 4-6 for the original Formula. The AI has some problems with the bumpier tracks, especially with pitting. As usual for my latest tracks, these have been made 100% in Track Editor.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment!

The background story

A group of racing fans found a cool place next to a small river for their offroad competition. As the river crossing at the delta area was quite difficult, they built a bridge of sorts from plywood. The race was a success (Evotown1_Ofr), so the racers decided to return there next year, starting a tradition. The third year they were taken aback by a road that had been built at the edge of their racing area but held the race nevertheless. It turned out that despite their concerns, the tarmac straight added fun to the race.

After the fourth race, the biggest racing fan of them all, Jack, decided to build a house in order to secure the future of the competition. The fifth race used Jack’s sand path and even though this eliminated some bumps, the drivers loved the extra speed (Evotown2_Ral). This encouraged another racing fan, Eden, to move to the area before the next race. Unfortunately for the offroad fans, a nearby city gathered more inhabitants who wanted a road to follow the river. This meant that the seventh race was already 50% tarmac race. This didn’t kill the enthusiasm of the drivers, and for the eighth race, yet another racer lived in the area (Evotown3_Ral). However, dark clouds loomed over the offroad fans.

As Jack had hit big money problems, corporate powers made an offer that he couldn’t refuse. A tarmac road was built in front of Jack’s house so the race number nine had only a short offroad section before the plywood crossing. Big money talked, and the returning fans were shocked to see two brand new office buildings and yet more tarmac for the tenth anniversary race. Only the plywood crossing remained of the original track. The race had now gathered more interest and this meant that more buildings were built to the area. The sponsors decided to ditch the Monstertruck tradition in favor of Formulas, but the plywood crossing still remained. In this pack, you can see the track for year 13 (Evotown4_Rol).

As even more people moved to the area, it was only a matter of time when the two sides of the river would be joined with a road. Even though the original fans protested hard, the plywood crossing had to go, and the race number 16 was a full tarmac race (Evotown5_Roa). A big investor saw their opportunity, built more buildings and another road next to the river, and started sponsoring the event. This power move also changed the layout, and race number 18 saw the finish line on the newly built road. Jack was heartbroken as he could only see the pits from his house. However, the change made the track more enjoyable for the current drivers.

The investor had spent a big buck for making the event huge, but nobody could believe their ears when they heard the plans for the 20th anniversary race – a Grand Prix. Nevertheless, the gamble was worth it, and a proper street course was built for this event (Evotown6_GP). In the morning of the race, Jack gave an interview to the media.

“Yes, I was bummed about the change of the layout, as the sole reason for me building the house was to have a place to watch the race. But who am I kidding? Who could’ve even dreamed of something like this when we started our little tradition? Grand Prix is a dream come true, and I always watch the race at the crossing anyway. That was the most exciting place in the early days, and that hasn’t changed!”

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