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[oth] [tpk] Mixed Bizness 4

28.04.2021 06:12 TuomoH 0 v1.2

License information: You can use this track for contests You are not allowed to edit and redistribute this track! You are allowed redistribute this track if you keep the author�s credits

Mixed Bizness is a series in which I finalize tracks that were left unfinished for one reason or another. For this fourth installment, the original tracks span almost 18 years. Btw, the previous part was released exactly 8 years ago. Time really flies…

The pack includes the following tracks:

- Benedict [oth] / recommended car: Formula / lmap, hmap, layout and first objects in 2014 / Part of my ”apocalyptic formula” series, an abstract street course in a deteriorated universe. Started around the same time as Abelton but didn’t feel as inspired back then.

- Caivo [ral] / recommended car: General or Monstertruck / layout and track hmap in late 2000’s? / My second released SnakeDitor layout ever. I always wanted this to be an offroad track with sunk tyres around the edges.

- Comeback [cir] / recommended car: Formula / made in 2018 (no AI) / After a year and a half of no tracks I made this. However, when I looked back to my earlier tracks, I thought they looked too messy. Because of this, I decided to finish Greenville instead.

- EdenAir [cir] / recommended car: Formula / made in 2020 (no AI) / The newest track of this pack. TE only track started after Evotown. Like Evotown and V’Lage, this was an evolution track but didn’t feel as good. The end point of the evolution.

- Experia [mic] / recommended car: Mini / made in 2014 (no AI) / Wanted to reinvent myself and made this track with the idea of starting an expinmin pack. Didn’t feel right so later that day I made a track that started Expinmin6.

- Ikeatic [oth] / recommended car: General / hmap, layout and original lmap in 2014 / Saw a wooden train track at the children’s play area in a local Ikea and made a mental note of the layout. Now, I edited the original, chaotic lmap to something more natural and added the objects.

- ovalCityO [ovl] / recommended car: Formula / lmap, hmap and original objects in 2004 / ovalCity was a street course included in the first Mixed Bizness pack. As the track included an oval section, I zoomed in into that part but never felt the urge to finish the track. For this pack, I’ve retouched the objects a bit.

- PelicanPark [cir] / recommended car: Formula / layout and original hmap in ca. 2003 / One of the layouts I abandoned as I started to deviate from the mainstream trackmaking. Now, I worked quite hard with the hmap, made it extreme but still smooth. Wanted to make it visually simple but still pleasing to the eyes. Btw, the WIP name for this track was ”MiniNeb”, referring to Nebula Park.

- PineCounty [ovl] / recommended car: General or Sprinter by Pongo / layout and hmap in ca. 2003 / As I gathered all the good dirt ovals of GR history in one folder, I remembered this old layout.

- Redfeel [cir] / recommended car: Formula / layout and original hmap in ca. 2003 / This track was supposed to deviate from the standard visuals in the fashion of Flaming Paw. For this pack, I decided to follow the feeling of said track. The track didn’t feel exiting enough so I made the hmap more extreme.

(, 250.03 kb)

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