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Worldsize: 90 | Length: -not set-

[stu] [oth] HardPort

05.05.2021 06:42 TuomoH 0 v1.2

License information: You can use this track for contests You are not allowed to edit and redistribute this track! You are allowed redistribute this track if you keep the author�s credits

One of the rarest track types in the history of GeneRally is a hardcore stunt track. How rare, you ask? To my knowledge, this is the fifth hardcore track ever. The goal of such track is simple: set distance to 1 lap, use no AI, try to get to finish. Of course, the track itself is so hard that most of the attempts end up early. In fact, during practice it's wise to use save/load since otherwise you rarely get to practice the last bits. Use General.

In the zip, there are two versions. HardPort.trk is for 4:3 resolutions, HardPort169.trk for the wide resolutions.

(, 25 kb)

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