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12.02.2013 12:08 Crono Comments (0)

You can now remember your login up to 2 Weeks so you dont have to login every day. Also some Style-Bugs are fixed and I removed the Sort by Comments function since i failed getting this function working.

And thank you for Uploading nearly 450 Tracks!

Cu Crono

New Version: v0.5

01.04.2012 12:36 Crono Comments (0)

Some bugfixes (rwl-tracks, search) and new style for current page indicator.

Cu Crono

Quick Bugfix

15.09.2011 14:18 Crono Comments (0)

License Information fixed -  and I added a new navigation bar.

Version 0.3

01.09.2011 19:25 Crono Comments (0)

And another update:

  • Support for a second category. You can edit your tracks to put them into a second category - but you dont have to.
  • Improved search function (track description)
  • Better readable page-buttons
  • Fixed Bug in the Profile
  • Added rules to the registration

Cu Crono

Version 0.2

26.06.2011 17:59 Crono Comments (0)

Today I uploaded a new version of this database. It is not possible to rate your own tracks anymore and i made a few smaller bugfixes (like the wrong order of the license information).

Cu Crono